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When Leaders Provide Volunteering Opportunities, It Benefits Everyone

By Brian Cole, Ph.D. posted in Leadership, Team Building, Culture


With businesses continuing to work from anywhere, companies are more focused on efforts to ensure their people are engaged, no matter where they may be working. These days, many people seek employment with organizations that have environments and cultures that support their personal values. In the US, April is National Volunteer Month, so there’s no time like the present to start thinking about how and why you should support volunteering efforts in your company.

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Motivating Your Teams When You Are in Different Locations

By Brian Cole, Ph.D. posted in Leadership, Leading Remote Teams, Managing Remotely

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When I coach leaders, I often discuss how to keep people motivated. But COVID-19 has added a twist: “How can I motivate my teams—both in-office and remotely?” How do you keep people motivated when you’re not in the same building?

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Improving Turnaround Shutdown, Cleanup, Startup Performance

By Brian Cole, Ph.D. posted in Turnaround/Shutdown


Most turnaround work occurs during the execution phase—but key activities performed during the shutdown, cleanup, and startup phases (SCS) can make or break a turnaround’s success.

These portions of the turnaround should require a fraction of the time to complete, compared to total turnaround time. But poor planning and execution of blind lists, procedures, permits, or chemical cleaning work scope quickly lead to longer durations and higher cost.

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