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How to Achieve a High-Performing Culture

By Ken Wagner, Ph.D. posted in Behavior, Leadership, Operational Excellence, Team Culture, Culture, Strategy Execution, Organizational Transformation


Successful organizations have a few things in common.  They strive to do great work, delight customers, and provide a positive return for employees and shareholders.

In this two-minute video, Ken Wagner, Ph.D., identifies the one foundational truth that must be present; a cultural set up to help people be successful in their mission.

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The Secret to Successful Leadership - Q4 Leadership Model

By Ken Wagner, Ph.D. posted in Behavior, Leadership, Operational Excellence, Team Culture, Culture


Join Ken Wagner, Ph.D. as he highlights traits and actions prevalent in Q4 LeadershipSM. These are leaders who achieve results by bringing out the best in others.

In this two-minute video, Ken will identify traits of Q4 Leadership, which can in turn help you identify Q4 leaders within your organization. 

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Leading Virtual Teams: Strengthening Your Relationships

By Ken Wagner, Ph.D. posted in Communicating with Teams, Working Remote, Leading Remote Teams, Work from Home, Managing Remotely


In these uncertain times, your team members will have deep-seated concerns about their health, their families, and job security. It is critical that you recognize the value they bring to the continuity of your operations and to your organization’s culture. How you relate to your team during this worldwide pandemic will have lasting consequences.

It is critical to maintain solid relationships that demonstrate trust and respect, inspire, show empathy, and create positive accountability. Your primary role as a leader in these times is to ensure that people continue to feel valued, heard, and connected.

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