Who Really Sustains Net-Zero Results — Managers or Leaders? (Video)

September 2022 | By John Dale

Video discussion with John Dale, Global Energy Practice Lead and Delores (Dee) Conway, Senior Principal

As an organization transforms to reduce its carbon footprint, stakeholders tend to find themselves on new cross-functional teams with ambitious challenges. At first, this can be exciting. Guided collaboration and teaming empower everyone to consider fresh ideas, cutting-edge tech, and process upgrades. If you’re a leader who’s adept at engaging dialogue, then you’re “in the zone.”

After a while though, the energy characteristic of project kickoffs and whiteboard brainstorms subsides, and the alignment of KPIs and lower carbon goals takes over. If you’re a leader who drives performance results to set new benchmarks for success, then you’re “in the zone.”

Since most managers and leaders tend to prefer one of the zones depicted above, it takes the right blend of intention and effort to truly balance one’s focus on both engagement and results. Why put in the time here?—because this balance is the hallmark of really sustaining decarbonization efforts for the inevitable long haul.

In this video, “Are You a Decarbonization Leader or Manager? Is There a Difference?” John Dale interviews Delores (Dee) Conway about the value of achieving this balance in all the places where leadership shows up, whether through C-suite or managerial roles. They discuss:

  • The Limit of Organizational Charts
  • A Challenge that Won’t Change
  • The Right Way to Get Results



As you steer a new or existing phase of decarbonization, consider whether you prefer to lead in the engagement zone or the results zone. Based on that preference, our guide below clarifies some best practices for leveraging and balancing your leadership strengths to ensure success on both business and net-zero fronts.

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To learn more about getting your organization ready for a net-zero transformation, check out Krystyna Riley’s webinar “Assessing Your Cultural Preparedness for Decarbonization.”

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John Dale

Written by John Dale