What New Year’s Resolutions and Organizational Change Have in Common: Tip #4 (Part 5 of 7)

January 2024 | By ALULA

Tip #4 asks you to learn about the direct impact of change. How? 👇 

Tip 4

Anyone who has set a lofty new year’s resolution understands what it feels like to face the sacrifices associated with it. Challenges are always anticipated, but easily underestimated too. It doesn’t always feel good when consistent trips to the gym restrict family time, calls with friends, and other leisure activities.  

The same is true for organizational change efforts. That’s why it’s important for leaders to hold real-time, quality check-ins with people to learn how they’re being impacted. This may sound like common sense, but when push comes to shove, it’s easy to de-prioritize touchpoints with people or superficially ask them how things are going. However, deeper dialogues are the only way to address questions like, “How is everyone coping right now? What would make work better? And what's happening on the ground that nobody else sees?”   

When leaders don’t have access to the direct impact of change, they lose the opportunity to fulfill their critical role as an effective remover of barriers.   

Ready to take your check-ins to the next level and use them to learn about change? Use our Checklist titled, “12 Tips for Conducting Check-in Meetings.” Click below to give it a try, or move on to tip #5. 

Topics: Behavior, Leadership, Change Management


Written by ALULA