Unleash Your Team's Potential: The T.I.E. Leadership Approach

April 2024 | By Delores (Dee) Conway

Tired of managing a team that goes through the motions? You’re not alone. This year’s global trends confirm that leaders understand the value of human performance for enterprise strength as well as business success. How can you unlock the true potential of your team to create a powerhouse of innovation and engagement?

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The secret lies in T.I.E.: Trust, Inclusion, and Empowerment. These three elements are the cornerstones of modern leadership, and they can revolutionize your team dynamics. 


Trust: The Foundation of Collaboration 

Imagine a team where people feel safe to take risks, share ideas openly, and challenge the status quo. That's the power of trust. Studies show that trust directly impacts the bottom line. But how do you build it? 

  • Stay Transparent: Share information openly and honestly. Let your team see the bigger picture. 
  • Keep Your Promises: Consistency builds trust. Follow through on your commitments. 
  • Embrace Feedback: Create a safe space for open dialogue, especially since positive gossip can boost team morale. Listen actively and adapt based on your team's input. 


Inclusion: Beyond Diversity Numbers 

Diversity is more than just a checkbox. It's about creating a vibrant environment where every voice matters. Research shows that companies with inclusive practices are more likely to be innovation leaders. Here's how to cultivate inclusion: 

  • Know Your Team: Get to know your team members as individuals, not just employees. Understand their strengths and perspectives. 
  • Amplify Diverse Voices: Encourage everyone to share their ideas, regardless of personality type. 
  • Create Equal Opportunities: Seek out growth opportunities for everyone on your team. 
  • Foster Psychological Safety: Focus on cultivating a space where people feel comfortable expressing themselves freely. 


Empowerment: The Engine of Innovation 

Highly empowered employees are more engaged and productive. They take ownership, think creatively, and go the extra mile. How do you empower your team? 

  • Be Clear: Define decision-making boundaries clearly. Let your team know their area of autonomy. 
  • Resource Them for Success: Provide the tools, training, and support your team needs to excel. 
  • Remove Roadblocks: Streamline processes and eliminate unnecessary hurdles that stifle innovation. 
  • Embrace Calculated Risks: Encourage experimentation and celebrate learning from failures. 


Leading with T.I.E. is a Journey 

Building a team based on trust, inclusion, and empowerment is an ongoing process. It requires self-awareness, consistency, and a willingness to adapt to keep wins on track. Organizations with the most engaged employees enjoy a 21% higher profitability compared to competitors. A unified, engaged team will drive success for your company. 

Ready to unlock your team's potential? Download our full guide on Leading with T.I.E. and start your journey today! 

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