Use Positive Gossip at Work to Boost Team Morale

January 2024 | By ALULA

Mark your calendars, because January 24 is National Compliment Day! Now before you run around tossing generic "you're awesome" comments, let's talk about effective compliments. Research shows that people feel uncomfortable receiving direct praise at work. So, this year, try complimenting what someone does instead of who they are.  

Use Positive Gossip 2

Imagine overhearing this at the office: "Did you hear? James absolutely killed that presentation yesterday. Their slides were so clear and engaging. I learned so much!" Now that's what we call positive gossip - intentionally spreading examples of great work. It's way more fun and meaningful than a basic "good job!" 

Want in on bringing more feel-good positive gossip to your team? Our new guide reveals best practices like: 

  • Creative ways to highlight people's wins  
  • The science behind positive gossip's morale-boosting superpowers 
  • Why "you're so kind" pales in comparison to "the way you reassured that client showed such empathy"

If you're ready to become your team's positive gossip guru, get the guide and start sprinkling in that feel-good chatter! Come on, you know you love spreading good news. Your colleagues will thank you! 

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Written by ALULA