Lower Carbon Readiness: How to Verify Organizational Buy-In (Video)

July 2022 | By John Dale

This is a Video discussion with John Dale, Global Energy Practice Lead and Krystyna Riley, Strategic Accounts Leader

If you’re leading a decarbonization/net-zero initiative, then you’re utilizing influence skills all the time. So, how can you confirm whether your efforts are paying off? When an overall transformation is both unprecedented and long-term, and the teams involved are variable, it’s hard to know where to look for a sign that everyone’s on board.

To gain quick insight, focus on what you can witness firsthand: what your people are doing. Their actions can help you decide whether to review your influence approach or certify that change is underway and, potentially, really starting to stick.

In this 7 minute video, “Change Habits, Hearts, and Heads (Minds) for Lower Carbon Leaders,” John Dale interviews Krystyna Riley to discuss how actions are effective indicators of how people are adapting to something new. Moreover, they talk about recognizing the difference between cursory and committed change. They cover:

  • The Key to Observable Change
  • The Truth About Change & Good Habits, and
  • The Change You Can Own



Krystyna draws from her experience to identify what makes or breaks change implementation, habit development in the workplace, and a leader’s role in shaping desired outcomes. Her advice can help you assess your organization’s readiness for both net zero and new business goals.

To learn more about the operational side of decarbonization, check out John Dale’s webinar for low carbon leaders.


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John Dale

Written by John Dale