Master Influence Skills to Impact Net-Zero Transformation (Video)

July 2022 | By John Dale

Video discussion with John Dale, Global Energy Practice Lead and Kacie Linegar, Business Transformation Expert

When leading an organization through the interconnected changes that are crucial to decarbonization/net-zero, it’s common to face resistance, confusion, or distraction from your workforce. Still, you need to sustain a sense of urgency and high performance. 

To keep your teams on track, here’s something you can do immediately and professionally: influence your key stakeholders. Moreover, make a habit of influencing them in subtle, convincing, and genuine ways – ones that are authentically yours.

In this video, “Influence Skills for Lower Carbon Leaders,” John Dale interviews Kacie Linegar for expert, actionable advice on how to influence more comfortably and effectively. Their quick overview covers the Art of Influence, the Reason to Influence, and the Journey of Influence. You’ll learn:

  • “To do’s” for mastering this art
  • “Best practices” for influencing with purpose, and
  • Questions to ask yourself along the way


Kacie has directly witnessed how the right influence skills can mobilize stakeholders and truly advance change. Whether you have a roadmap to net zero or simultaneous transformations that merit better strategy execution, your ability to influence consistently and effectively counts.


Download the Stakeholder Influence Skills Self-Diagnostic


To learn more about decarbonization, check out John Dale’s “Getting (and Keeping) Leadership Alignment” post.

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Topics: Organizational Transformation, decarbonization, net-zero, lower-carbon

John Dale

Written by John Dale