Leadership - The Secret to Realizing the Full Potential of Change

April 2021 | By Delores (Dee) Conway

Why is it that most organizational change initiatives tend to fall into one of the following categories:

  • It is slow to launch
  • Are recycled from previous efforts that did not achieve intended outcomes
  • Never realize their full potential

In this new era, organizations are being challenged to take on even more change than ever before and to make it all happen faster. While companies were quick to pivot with the initial onset of the pandemic, finding ways to execute and sustain change is now a critical responsibility of all leaders.

In this video, Dee Conway, shares ALULA's, MAKE-IT® Model which identifies five important steps leaders must take to create sustainable change in their organization.

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For more information about the MAKE-IT Model, check out Dee's "Making Change Stick" post.

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Topics: Leadership, Change Management, Communicating with Teams, Change, Leader-Led Change