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New Year’s Resolutions Teach a Powerful Lesson About Organizational Change

By Amy Durgin, Ph.D. posted in Change Management


New Year’s resolutions: the age-old annual practice most commonly associated with failed attempts to change personal habits. Despite our best intentions at the start of the January, it’s widely known that over 75% of resolutions fail by the second week of February.

Most articles on the topic endlessly rehash “how to really make it stick this time” or “why we should stop making resolutions in the first place.” But we’re overlooking a valuable lesson these failures teach us about organizational change.

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Self-Talk – It’s Not Just for Athletes Anymore

By Amy Durgin, Ph.D. posted in Leadership


You’ve heard it a thousand times. How athletes use positive self-talk to eliminate pre-game jitters and improve their performance on the field.

What if we told you that self-talk is a powerful tool in business too? By modifying one simple habit you can flip a switch in your brain and improve the quality of your decision-making and subsequent on-the-job performance.

Skeptical?  Stay with us on this one.  Researchers across disciplines are discovering new insights on what many consider conventional wisdom: how we talk to ourselves can truly make a difference in how we behave.

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“Behavior” Change: Trendy Buzzword or Scientific Solution?

By Amy Durgin, Ph.D. posted in Behavior


We’re all too familiar with the shift in buzzwords and industry jargon over time. Words such as “customer-centric” “big data,” and “innovative” are sure to grab our attention today, whereas “paradigm shift,” “synergy,” and “bandwidth” were hot terms in the past.

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