What Leaders Need to Continue to Do Well, as Companies Extend Working Remote

March 2021 | By ALULA

While we all see light at the end of this pandemic tunnel, one thing that will not end anytime soon is managing and engaging a remote work force.


When remote work started over a year ago, many leaders insisted it was temporary - a short-term thing. Now, 12 months later, leaders are trying to figure out how they and their teams can work fully remote or as a hybrid team, while maintaining productivity, keeping company culture alive and protecting everyone from burnout.

Leaders acknowledge that teams are working differently and are embracing new ways of working.

Over the course of the last year, ALULA, has shared our thoughts and strategies to help leaders adjust and grow. One thing we know for certain is that remote work is not going away any time soon, and leaders need to be flexible, adapting their leadership behaviors and management skills to deal with the complex new cultures created by each new way of working.

Following is a collection of some of our top performing topics:

female_working_from_home_shutterstock_328558622-1RESIZED2 Virtual Team Engagement is more Important Than Ever

Our daily human connections are as vital to productivity as doing the task itself.  Research shows that engaged teams feel greater accountability, both in their individual efforts and toward the overall team goal.


original_1725467707_Leader (002)-1Motivating Your Teams When You Are in Different Locations

With teams in multiple locations, some in the office, some at remote locations, you still need to do what you've always done to motivate them. Provide clear direction, keep them engaged, check in to review progress and remove barriers—and above all, give plenty of performance feedback. Encourage them when they do well, and give constructive feedback when they need help. These are the keys to successful leadership, and always have been.


Communicating with teamsCase Study: Business Communication Skills for Leaders That Engage & Activate Teams

When a leader became responsible for more diverse teams, she wasn’t sure how to communicate in a way that would inspire and motivate them. Coaching and communication tips help to ensure her hard work building a plan to deliver the company's vision was embraced.


colleagues-discussing-about-business-strategy-at-modern-office-picture-id1225020698Post-Pandemic Reentry: Leadership Blind Spots to Consider

Whether returning to the office all at once, in staggered shifts, using split schedules, or maintaining WFH for some or all, leaders will need to be flexible and adapt their behaviors and management skills to deal with the fusion of the unique cultures attributed to each of these ways of working. Complicating the situation further are the still-to-be-determined cultural norms for how to behave in a socially distanced work-world.


back-view-of-asian-business-woman-talking-to-her-colleagues-about-in-picture-id1214087270Top Strategies for Leading Through Uncertain Times

Leaders care about their people and want to do what’s right—for their people and the company.
Unfortunately, sometimes what is best for employees doesn’t align with what’s strategically best for the company and customers. There’s no easy way to handle this situation. Leaders need to act with compassion and integrity, first and foremost. Download our tips leading during uncertain times.

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Written by ALULA