Two Factors that Make or Break Organizational Transformations

August 2020 | By Danielle Hochstein, Ph.D.

The cost of a failed transformation to a company can be astronomical.  Not just in invested resources, but in man hours and opportunities lost. Why then do so many company transformations fail?

Danielle Geissler, Ph.D., shares two of the most important things that can make or break your transformation.

In this two-minute video learn what can most often get in your way, as well as why leaders are in the best position to create and sustain an environment for successful transformation.

In today's often unpredictable environment, businesses are experiencing a fundamental transformation in how they operate. ALULA’s deep focus and 25+ years of experience with understanding how the science of behavior can improve change acceptance and adoption has helped our clients become more agile and deliver a larger return on their company’s transformation investment. 

If you'd like more information on ALULA's approach please visit our change management resource page.

Topics: Leadership, Operational Excellence, Digital Transformation, Organizational Transformation, Change