Net-Zero Goals Aren’t Just About What’s New (Video)

August 2022 | By John Dale

Video discussion with John Dale, Global Energy Practice Lead and Brian Cole, Ph.D., Senior Principal

If you checked out the first two posts in our series on leading decarbonization/net-zero work, then you’ve been ramping up your own influence skills and verifying how to assess change in your organization. Still, you know it will take a constellation of effort across teams to make and keep progress steady.

To maximize the value of moments spent with other leaders and colleagues, dedicate some time to planning out how you’ll approach them as stakeholders and prepare them to talk about, implement, and support change consistently. When you put objectives and challenges in your own words, and help others to do so too, everyone stays on the same page – especially when it’s time to problem-solve quickly.

In this video, “Stakeholder Engagement for Lower Carbon Leaders,” John Dale interviews Brian Cole, Ph.D. to explore how stakeholders can keep lower carbon initiatives on track together. They discuss:

  • Focal Points for Engagement
  • A “Must-Have” for Success, and
  • Where Stakeholder Messaging Really Counts


By sharing anecdotes about leaders who steer change past realignment through to targeted results and sustained performance, Brian exposes the anatomy of dynamic communication (what it really looks and sounds like). Use and share the self-diagnostic below as you prepare to engage key stakeholders on what’s new and what’s critical to your base business.


Download the Stakeholder Influence Skills Self-Diagnostic


To learn more about decarbonization, check out John Dale’s “Getting (and Keeping) Leadership Alignment” post.

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John Dale

Written by John Dale