How Teams Develop and Sustain New Work Habits

January 2024 | By ALULA

Are you a leader trying to create an environment where productivity and success can thrive? Do you want to help your team members adopt new ways of working that are positive, flexible, and fulfilling? Is it time to be more proactive about fostering a culture of growth, learning, and well-being in your organization? 

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If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you might benefit from the secret to how teams develop and sustain new habits.  

According to a century’s worth of behavioral science research, the secret is: prompts.  

What are prompts? 

Prompts are simple questions or statements that get your attention and then improve your focus, activate your motivation, and guide your actions. 

The world’s most productive people rely on prompts to make their goals clear, realistic, and achievable. Likewise, remarkable leaders know how to use prompts to understand work from their employees’ perspective and then truly help make that work manageable as well as sustainable. 

Leaders who use prompts well are in a great position to truly capitalize on new opportunities for team engagement, creativity, innovation, and success. 

If this sounds good, and you’re ready to get started with prompts, then check out Sustainable Work Habits: The Unexplored Power of Prompts, a new guide that shows you how to use prompts effectively in your life and in your workplace. 

Our step-by-step process is easy to follow, and we’ve included examples, tips, and exercises to help you practice applying prompts right away. Click below to access the guide. 

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Written by ALULA