Celebrating the Pets of ALULA

January 2024 | By ALULA

At ALULA, our love for animals isn't just a quirk—it's a shared bond that shapes our culture. Although we focus on the human side of business, our shared affection for furry, winged, speckled, or finned friends is strong, and it creates a unique camaraderie. Given this common bond, we can’t pass up the opportunity to celebrate National Dress Up Your Pet Day this January 14!

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We are beyond pleased to present the pets of ALULA all dapper and decked out. With these official headshots, we properly honor their status as beacons of stability during challenging times and instigators of ultimate fun. 

You see, it’s common for a bark, meow, wag, or paw to steal the show during a virtual meeting. And our leaders recognize these interruptions as cues to check in on our pets' well-being. Are they receiving enough attention during the workday? Do they get lunchtime walks, nutritious treats, and breaks for snuggles or new tricks? It's not just about our team; the pet experience is integral to our employee experience. 

As a virtual organization, the pets of ALULA play a vital role in reminding us to practice what we preach about leadership and behavior change. They inspire us to be intentional about how we interact with each other and to enjoy the little things together. And when navigating changes in our work landscape, our pets are good examples of how reinforcers help everyone thrive. 

In essence, the pets of ALULA deserve recognition for embodying one of our core company values: walking the talk. Their presence energizes our commitment to creating a workplace where empathy, joy, and adaptability coexist. 

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Written by ALULA