Behavioral Nudge: How to Make Positive, Actual Behavioral Changes

January 2024 | By ALULA

There’s a reason why behavior change is so difficult: life. At some point during the quarter, week, or day when you’re diligently making progress on a behavior change, you’re going to hit a wall. Life is going to get difficult. It’s going to derail your best laid plans and make it possibleeven easy to let go of the behavior change you were so eager to embrace for the long haul.  

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So, what can you do to stay on track with a high-impact behavior change, especially when you know that it will make a difference? When you know, for example, that it’s the key to meeting ambitious targets, role-modeling for your teams, and advancing your career path? 

When the stakes are high, it’s time to discover the power of behavioral nudges. If you integrate a few nudges into your work environment, it will be easier to sustain a behavior change despite life’s inevitable curve balls.  

The best part? We have a guide that prepares you to quickly put a few nudges in place. You’ll learn: 

  • How behavioral nudges work in different contexts 
  • How to design effective nudges that are aligned with your goals and preferences 
  • How to understand what nudges can and cannot do (Hint: They’re just the beginning of a more intentional way of working) 

If you also want to explore how to measure and optimize the impact of nudges through data and feedback, we’d love to talk more.  

Our guide to behavioral nudges is a great way to start nudging your way to success. Click below to get it now. 

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Written by ALULA