ALULA Honors African American Leaders Who Led the Right Way (Part 1 of 4)

January 2024 | By Delores (Dee) Conway

Co-authored by Dee Conway and Alycia Diggs-Chavis 

African culture and history offer much wisdom for the world to live by, whether at work, at home, or in society at large . . . and what’s one of the key lessons? 

Good behavior must start from the top. — South African Proverb

The idea that good leadership behaviors are essential to the success of clans, tribes, organizations, and societies is not new. This Black History Month, we’re celebrating African Americans whose lives demonstrate a profound and unwavering commitment to behaviors that have had lasting impact. 


Although the African Americans featured in our series didn’t set out to be leaders the typical way that people in business do, their stories have so much to teach us! They are a testament to the difference we can make by adopting three important leadership behaviors: 

  1. Maintain and pursue a clear vision
  2. Help people through coaching 
  3. Stay humble and grounded 


Ready to start the journey through our series? First up, we’ll learn about two leaders who knew all about maintaining and pursing a clear vision. Continue reading here

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