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Honoring Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

By Martin Scott posted in Culture


By: Martin Scott 

In the US alone, 6.8 percent of the total population identify as AAPI (Asian American Pacific Islander), a number that’s been growing rapidly over the past decade. (Picture that: in any group of 100 Americans, about 7 are AAPI.) As this important segment of the American people grows, it’s important to highlight work done by members of the AAPI population across organizations, industries and segments—government, corporate, agriculture, not-for-profit, and many more.

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Beyond the Basics: Elevate Your Remote Presentations to a Higher Level

By Martin Scott posted in Communicating with Teams, Leading Remote Teams, Work from Home, Managing Remotely


Join ALULA's Martin Scott, Principal Consultant as he guides you through seven important steps to creating and delivering engaging and informative presentations.

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