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What Great Leaders Do To Lead

High-Performing Teams


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Business leaders significantly influence the performance of their teams and ultimately, results. It’s not uncommon for some leaders to create highly engaged teams but they struggle to achieve results. And other leaders are good at driving results, but often they frustrate or burn-out their team members.

Great business leaders have a unique way of creating and leading high-performing teams by striking the delicate balance between driving results and achieving high engagement on their teams.

What do these leaders do differently that builds engaged teams that consistently achieve results?

Join this 45-minute interactive webinar to learn about a research-based framework that provides proven essential leadership actions, critical for leaders who are responsible for building and leading high-performing teams.

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Who Should Attend:

  • HR executives and leaders responsible for talent development and filling the leadership pipeline

  • Senior leaders responsible for strategy execution

  • Up-and-coming leaders who aspire to lead high-performing teams


Watch NOW To Learn About:

  • 4 types of leaders – what type of leader are you?

  • 4 key elements of the ALULA framework

  • Essential actions leaders of high-performing teams consistently demonstrate


About Your Presenter


Kim Huggins

Kim Huggins is a recognized speaker and thought-leader in the areas of leadership and how to create high-performing teams. She has held senior HR positions within various industries and applies her passion and experience in generational diversity, change, leadership, and performance to help organizations and teams achieve results. She is the author of “GENerate Performance! Unleashing the Power of a Multigenerational Workforce,” a resource for leaders.