The Secret to Successful Leadership - Q4 Leadership Model

By Ken Wagner, Ph.D.

Join Ken Wagner, Ph.D. as he highlights traits and actions prevalent in Q4 LeadershipSM. These are leaders who achieve results by bringing out the best in others.

In this two-minute video, Ken will identify traits of Q4 Leadership, which can in turn help you identify Q4 leaders within your organization. 

Q4 Leadership is proven to generate long-term business success because of leader's ability to balance a strong drive for achieving results while engaging team members and creating a work environment of collaboration.

A leader with Q4 Leadership qualities is energized to make things happen — while also working to challenge and involve others. Because Q4 Leaders simultaneously value results and respect individual team members, they tend to yield sustained commitment and performance from others. Q4 Leaders are responsive; involve people; and encourage open, direct, and candid two-way communication. 

So why does Q4 Leadership matter? In addition to getting great results, Q4 Leaders inspire behavior in others, and create a high-performance culture of excellence. 

Q4 LeadershipSM is a service mark of CLG (dba ALULA).

Topics: Behavior, Leadership, Operational Excellence, Team Culture, Culture

Ken Wagner, Ph.D.

Written by Ken Wagner, Ph.D.