Spread Positive Gossip to Ensure Engagement in a Hybrid Workplace

By Ken Wagner, Ph.D.

The practice of spreading positive gossip is a sure way for leaders and teams to equally engage team members who are located at the office or worksite as well as those working remotely. 

Ken Wagner, Ph.D., Senior Principal at ALULA, shares important insights that can help leaders and teams thrive in a hybrid work environment.

By calling out and emphasizing exceptional work you can help all team members engage in an inclusive environment. Both those that are in person and those working remote.

Leveraging positive gossip helps to create excitement for things done well in your organization. It also helps to create a culture in which people regularly recognize, talk about, and take pride in the successes of their co-workers.

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Topics: Leadership, Team Culture, Communicating with Teams

Ken Wagner, Ph.D.

Written by Ken Wagner, Ph.D.