Setting Boundaries While Working Remote Starts with Leaders


Whether intended or not, teams working remote feel the need to be virtually present all the time. This desire to be visibly productive to their leaders and colleagues is creating longer than necessary work days and a lack of attention to personal priorities.

Karen Gorman, ALULA's CEO, shares four simple suggestions for leaders to help their teams set healthy boundaries in this new work environment.


Karen Gorman finds reward in achievement. But, unlike many with that characteristic, Karen differs in that she feels most fulfilled when her accomplishments benefit those around her, whether that be a cause, a person or an organization.

As ALULA’s Chief Executive Officer, Karen believes her principal responsibility is to define, model and advance a culture that ensures the business and people thrive in a dynamic, quickly evolving marketplace. Her greatest motivation is contributing to the success of others fueled by an innate professional need to provide ongoing and increasing value to the entire organization, clients and shareholders. 

Topics: Leadership, Team Culture, Communicating with Teams, Working Remote, Leading Remote Teams, Work from Home, Managing Remotely


Written by ALULA