How to Achieve a High-Performing Culture

By Ken Wagner, Ph.D.

Successful organizations have a few things in common.  They strive to do great work, delight customers, and provide a positive return for employees and shareholders.

In this two-minute video, Ken Wagner, Ph.D., identifies the one foundational truth that must be present; a cultural set up to help people be successful in their mission.


To achieve lasting performance excellence, all the conditions in which people work must be geared toward promoting discretionary performance. Ken identifies those conditions and shares his thoughts.

The DCOM® Framework

At ALULA, we use a research-based framework called DCOM® that ensures conditions are in place for sustained high performance. DCOM is a means to dive deep into the culture of an organization. It can be a powerful tool to transform an organization and achieve sustainable results.

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Topics: Behavior, Leadership, Operational Excellence, Team Culture, Culture, Strategy Execution, Organizational Transformation

Ken Wagner, Ph.D.

Written by Ken Wagner, Ph.D.