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Behavior Change That Drives Sales Performance

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Join ALULA as we present the recent case example of a pharmaceutical sales organization that wanted to:

  • Increase sales effectiveness and results
  • Develop a more standardized Regional Business Director leadership and coaching approach

Learn how this organization:

  • Ensured sales leaders and reps repeatedly and consistently demonstrate business-critical behaviors that improve the customer experience and sales results
  • Leveraged behavioral science to uncover why sales reps act in a way that may be counterproductive to achieving results 
  • Analyzed the sales environment and identified opportunities to systematically change and remove barriers to performance

About Your Presenter

Danielle Geissler_2019

Danielle Geissler, Ph.D.

Dr. Geissler is an expert in applied behavior analysis with a focus on organizational behavior management.  Organizations engage her to help with change planning and implementation, performance improvement, leadership team alignment and development, and executive coaching.  Industries she has supported in Europe, North America and the Far East include biotech, manufacturing, health insurance, consumer goods, banking, and others.  

From 2014 through 2017, she was an invited professor in the Executive MBA Program at the Business School at Keio University, Tokyo, Japan. Her courses focused on the role of behavioral leadership in small- and large-scale global change efforts.  

Dr. Geissler co-authored a chapter in The Behavior Breakthrough (2013), detailing Behavioral Leadership to enable superior execution and regularly speaks at conferences globally.  

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